The Come Command is one of the most important markers to teach your dog, both for his safety and your peace of mind. Because you understand this better than your pup does, few things are more frustrating than when she won’t come when called.

This basic command isn’t always easy to teach, and there are a variety of reasons your dog won’t comply. They don’t represent “misbehavior,” but rather a lack of successful training. Punishment and getting upset won’t help the answer lies in consistent teaching, patient repetition and positive reinforcement. Understanding the reasons dogs don’t come when called helps you reverse disobedience and train your pooch to obey this important cue.

Solution: Over the past 25 years of helping people with recall issues with their dogs I have come to learn that most dogs are not clear in the expectations the owners have. The recall is one of the easier behaviors to teach to your dog with the correct tools. Our four-week basic obedience class covers the recall and other important behaviors. If the recall is the only issue that you were having with your dog we can also set up a one-on-one private session the focus on the recall marker

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