I am often asked if Prodogz Dog Training offers “behavior modification”. When people think of behavior modification they think it is a special qualification that only certain dog trainers have. Behavior modification is also usually associated with TV dog trainers who claim to have a specialized skill set.

However behavior modification is based on methodological behaviorism, which refers to limiting behavior-change procedures to behaviors that are observable and was employed briefly during the late 1950s but predominately from the late 1970s to early 1980s.

To understand “behavior modification” in regards to dog training we first need to understand what a “behavior” is. Whether your dog is pilfering through your trash or not laying down on command your dog is offering a behavior that owners may want to modify. Most of the time when people think of “behavior modification” associated with negative things behaviors. However, modifying a behavior and also referred to teaching your dog to bring you a newspaper or hole you want to skateboard. So a behavior is any task you are wishing to teach your dog whether it is positive or negative.

So a quick answer is, yes Prodogz Dog Training does offer “behavior modification” training. So whether your dog is offering the incorrect behavior towards other dogs, people or maybe other pets in your family Prodogz Dog Training can help. However, don’t just call Prodogz Dog Training for help with unwanted behaviors with your dog but also call us for positive behavior modification like basic obedience, competitive obedience and CGC training.

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