What type of dog training does Prodogz offer?

We offer a plethora of different dog training services everything from basic obedience classes, puppy preschool classes, problem-solving and behavior modification.

Is obedience training for dogs the only type of training you offer?

Currently we only offer training to dog owners. However there are some cat trainers in the rogue valley.

Do you only offer dog training classes?

Besides dog training classes we also offer private sessions, CGC certifications and competition AKC obedience classes.

How important is dog obedience training?

We consider training your dog as important as bringing your dog to the vet.

Are dogs required to have AKC registration?

No, we except dogs with AKC registration and no registration at all.

Why Prodogz over Petsmart dog training?

We can’t speak for other companies training practices, however our training is based on years of experience along with utilizing positive reinforcement to help clients achieve the most with their dogs.

Where can I find puppy training near me?

Prodogz offers puppy preschool classes in our convenient location in the Winco shopping center.

What’s a good dog obedience school?

There are many talented trainers here in the Rogue Valley however we take pride in our training services and the success our customers have felt after utilizing our services.

Is there obedience training for dogs near me?

Prodogz is conveniently located in the Winco shopping center and offers a plethora of training services.

Why Prodogz over Petco dog training?

Our customers are not just customers but also family.

Where can I find dog training classes near me?

Prodogz offers a four week basic obedience class every Monday from 6 to 7 in the Winco shopping center.

Where can I find puppy training classes near me?

Prodogz offers puppy preschool classes every Friday from 6 to 7 PM in the Winco shopping center on Barnett.

Where can I find dog obedience classes near me?

Obedience classes are great way to learn the basics that every dog needs to know. Come join one of our basic obedience classes conveniently located in the Winco shopping center.

What can I learn with puppy obedience training?

In our puppy preschool class we cover Biting, Jumping, Potty training counterconditioning.

Does Prodogz offer any dog training videos?

Prodogz offers many video resources which can be found on our Facebook page or our YouTube page.

What are the best dog training near me prices?

Prodogz is constantly doing price comparisons in order to offer our customers the most affordable dog training without compromising service.

What are your dog training techniques??

Here at Prodogz we utilize operant conditioning along with classical conditioning to take a scientific approach to training dogs.

Do you offer any puppy socialization classes?

Puppy classes are a great way to socialize your puppy without the risk of harmful side effects that are caused by bringing dogs to the dog park.

Are dog training YouTube videos helpful?

You can find many resources via YouTube or other social media outlets however we always encourage people to make sure they do their research and talk to a professional prior to implementing any training steps.

Are there any puppy obedience classes near me?

Puppy obedience classes are a great to learn some of the basics and also socialize your puppy at the same time.

Do we have a list of dog training commands?

Whether you teach your dog in English, German or even Spanish it does not matter what does matter is consistency. We do not have a list of commands that we recommend but we do encourage people to write down all their commands and put them somewhere where the entire family can make sure they are utilizing the same verbiage.

Where can I find your dog training prices?

All of our prices are conveniently located by clicking on the Prices options at the top of our website.

How does prodogz reviews match up to Petsmart Dog training reviews?

We are unable to speak for other companies reviews but we are proud of our 60 5 star Google reviews.

How does Prodogz classes compare to Petco obedience classes?

We are unable to speak for other companies training classes however we are proud of our success rate when working with our clients dogs.

Does Prodogz offer competitive dog obedience training cost comparison?

We will not always be the cheapest dog training company in the valley but we will never be under sold by our level of service.

Does Prodogz offer dog obedience boarding school?

We would love to one day offer board and training services however currently we are not set up for that type of service.

Does Prodogz offer a puppy socialization class near me?

If you are looking for a way to socialize your puppy, one of our puppy preschool classes would be a great way to not only learn some basics but also socialize your puppy at the same time.

How can I find dog aggression training cost?

If you have a dog that is reactive towards other dogs then a private session would be perfect for working on these issues. You can find prices for our private sessions by clicking on Prices at the top of our website.

Does Prodogz offer dog obedience training videos?

We offer quite a few dog obedience training videos on both our Facebook page and our YouTube page.

How long are Petsmart training classes compared to yours?

Each one of our basic obedience classes or puppy classes are one hour long.

Does Prodogz offer AKC obedience classes?

Prodogz offers AKC obedience classes every Wednesday from 5 to 7 PM.

Are the lessons fun?

Absolutely, and they build confidence in you and your dog. You will always remember when your dog does something great, and he will. Your dog will be learning new things all the time and you will feel proud of your achievements.

Do you train my dog?

No, we train you to train your dog. This way you will be able to train any dog that you get in the future using the same method. We want your dog to listen to you, since you are the one that is going to be living with him.

I've heard that a tired dog is a behaved dog. Will exercise solve most of my dog's problems? Dogs are natural athletes and, as such, need exercise every day; however, exercise is not a substitute for training. In fact, for many dogs, vigorous exercise just gets them into better shape. For instance, my Jack Russell Terrier can easily run 18 miles and still have enough energy to bounce up and down when he thinks I'll play fetch. When I've taken him out for a 10 mile run, I frequently forget as soon as we're back that he's been exercised.

Do I need to be the boss when training my dog, cat, horse or bird?

While you will need to set rules and limits so that your pet knows how to behave, you don't have to teach the behaviors by using force such as pinning them on their sides or yanking with a choke chain. You can instead train the pet by rewarding the good behaviors immediately as they occur and ensuring the pet does not get rewards for bad behavior. As a result, your approach for getting Fido trained should be more like a game of chess and less like a boxing match.

If I train my pet how long will the training last?

Animals learn and change their habits throughout their life. This continual learning is important because an animal in the wild that stops learning won't be able to adapt to its environment and survive. Continue reinforcing good behaviors throughout the animal's life.

What's the most common training mistake people make?

People think they're only training during planned training sessions when in reality, animals are continually being rewarded for good and bad behaviors all day. As a result of the lack of awareness owners often spend more time accidentally rewarding the undesirable behaviors than rewarding the desirable ones.

What's the most important thing you to understand about your dog to modify behavior?

The most important point about animals is that animals perform behaviors because the behaviors have been reinforced. In order to change behavior, we have to reward an alternate behavior that you would prefer and remove all rewards for undesirable behavior. This means that you have to recognize what might be reinforcing bad behavior so that you don't accidentally reward it.

What do you use for rewards?

It's important to use everything that motivates your pet to your advantage. Food rewards work well because, for instance, if your pet eats 100 kibble a day, you can reward him 100x for the same behavior in one day, which means he can learn the behavior and form a habit quickly. Once he knows the behavior well, you can give the food rewards intermittently and alternate with other reinforcers. Ultimately, you want to use what's most reinforcing to the pet in that instance. For example, if you're teaching your dog to sit before going out the door, at first reward with a sequence of treats for sitting and looking at you for permission before you let him out. Once he's consistently good at this behavior, you no longer need treats because his ultimate reward is getting to go out the door once he's automatically sat for you.

What's the most important behavior you can teach your pet?

In general, for dogs and cats, the most important behavior is to teach them to ask politely for things they want by automatically saying please by sitting and looking at you for everything they want-that means food, petting, being picked up, going out the door, getting leash on, etc. By teaching them to learn to earn everything they learn that focusing on you isn't a chore, it's just the way they get what they want. They also learn emotional self control-that no matter how excited they are for the ball or treat, they only get it if they choose to sit and politely ask for permission. Then, in other situations where they want something or are unsure of what to do, they will tend to look to you for guidance. In other words they will start seeing you as a leader. Incidentally, the second most important behavior to teach your dog is to come running when called even with lots of distractions.

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