If you are looking for puppy training near me? And you live in Grants Pass, Oregon? Then we would encourage you to consider our puppy preschool class. Our puppy class is a great prelude to obedience training for dogs but is geared more for puppies because of their age and maturity level.

One of the top ways Grants Pass dog owners find us is searching for a dog trainer near me. Although we are physically based in Medford we are conveniently located in Medford, Oregon only 40 miles from Grants Pass.

Often clients are searching for dog boarding near me, although we offer quite a few services, we do not offer any type of boarding services to customers in Grants Pass. Clients do find us when they are looking for dog training near me as we offer dog training not just to residents of Grants Pass but also to residents of Grants Pass Oregon.

Grants Pass Oregon is blessed with many quality dog trainers, so people are always looking for dog trainers near me? Prodogz has been offering professional dog training to dog owners not just in Grants Pass but also in Medford, Oregon and the entire Rogue Valley for over 12 years.

Dog obedience training is one of the main reasons why people come to Prodogz. Our four-week basic obedience class is perfect for those who either want to brush up on the basics or they have finished a puppy class, and they are ready to take the next step. So if you are searching for dog obedience training near me, then we are confident that you would enjoy our four-week basic obedience class.

Grants Pass, Oregon dog owners are you struggling with your puppy or young dog? Prodogz offers professional dog training to those living in Grants Pass, Oregon. We offer puppy classes, basic obedience classes, private sessions and much more.

We are often asked how are we different than petsmart dog training or petco dog training? Prodogz training program is much different petsmart training and petco training program, as our training is based on relationship building skills and engagement.

Prodogz is not an accredited service dog organization, so we are unable to offer service dog registration. So if you live in Grants Pass, and you’re looking service dog training near me? We would recommend searching for an accredited service dog organization that provides service dogs to those in need.

Do you enjoy spending time with your dog in and around Grants Pass Oregon as much as we do? do you enjoy hiking with your dog throughout Grants Pass Oregon? Do you enjoy taking your dog to the lakes and rivers that Grants Pass Oregon has to offer?

Here at Prodogz Dog Training we want you and your dog to get the most out of your outdoor experience whatever it may be in the beautiful Grants Pass Oregon with reliable, engaging and positive dog training.

Jason Lake Prodogz head dog trainer has spent the majority of his life in Grants Pass Oregon and knows the joys of spending time with his dog in Grants Pass Oregon. This is one of the driving forces with Prodogz Dog Training classes and private sessions. Our goal is to have the opportunity to give dog owners as yourself the freedom and control to enable you to embrace everything that Grants Pass Oregon has to offer.

So if you are looking for a dog training facility in Grants Pass Oregon to help you with professional dog training in order to get out and enjoy everything that Grants Pass Oregon has to offer we should be your first choice for professional dog training in Grants Pass Oregon.