Welcome to the class “Wags to Inches”, a class to get you and you’re dog moving and grooving.

After recently going through a rough patch in my own personal life, I realize how important it is to focus on one’s mental and physical health. Through diet and exercise I lost a number of pounds & inches and I wanted to help others with their journey of better health.

Over the past 25 years of dog training I have witnessed and experienced the benefits of participating in outdoor activities with our canine partners. So I have put together a simple training class that merges physical activity for both you and your dog along with learning how to navigate the outside world.

This one hour class will go for 3 weeks as a test run, but may continue longer as interest arises. Handlers will learn about Engagement, Markers, Sit, Down and loose leash walking. Once the handlers have learned this basic commands we will put these skills in practice while walking around a path that encompasses the park. Distance of walks will be tailored to the needs of the class, if you are unable to walk a great distance that is perfectly fine, it will give you an opportunity to focus on more of the stationary work while building up your stamina each week.

Do you pay for a gym membership that you don’t even use? Forget the gym, join our walking group and get in shape while also training your dog. Walking can offer numerous health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. It may also help prevent certain diseases and even prolong your life.

So if you are looking for professional dog training while also burning calories and connecting with other dog people than this class is for you.


This class is NOT for dogs that have no training at all or that may not be good in a social setting around other dogs or people. For these dogs we can schedule a one-on-one.

Special Note:

This class will be held outdoors in a public setting this means I cannot be responsible for loose dogs, strangers looking to pet your dog or any unforeseen outside influences.


Because this class is being held in the outdoors I cannot control the weather. A couple hours prior to class if the weather looks to be unsafe or not suitable for class I will email, text or call all participants to reschedule the class to the following week.

Is your dog already trained and fine in public? Awesome but if you still have a desire to meet other dog enthusiasts while also making new friends than you are still welcome to join us. In a world where 70% of human communication is done electronically, this is a great opportunity to make human connections in person and on a deeper level.

Cost: $50.00 (for 3 weeks)
Prerequisites: 6 Months and up.
Duration: 3 weeks
Days: Every Wednesday
Times: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: 2911 Springbrook Rd, Medford, OR 97504

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