Sport Dog Training

Do you have a working dog such as a Malinios, Doberman, Working German Shepherd Dog or any other dog bread for workability? I am (Jason) looking for someone who is interested in competitive dog training both for tracking, obedience and possibly protection training. Looking for someone who has a couple hours every week that would be interested in assisting me with my own dogs along with working with their dog.


The Philosophy of the three phases

Tracking: An ideal performance in Schutzhund tracking is one where the dog puts his nose deep into the track, works slowly and methodically, and with great intensity. Tracking is not so much about scent as it is the Zen of quiet, strong obedience to the track.

Obedience: Precision is not as coveted as enthusiasm. Above all, dogs must be happy working. The Schutzhund trainer will make a complete fool of himself, and often endure many injuries along the road to creating the desired performance. The basic pattern is the same from Bh to Sch3, with each level becoming increasingly more difficult. Teams work in pairs, with one doing the honor down on the edge of the field while the other works.

Protection: Intensity and control must be balanced. The dog must be committed to the tasks, and he must also be enthusiastic in them. However, he must have the control to play by the rules. This is the phase that most dogs enjoy more. For the dog to have high scores in protection, his grip must be full, firm, and calm. When he engages the helper´s arm in the sleeve, his mouth should maintain the same position until he is told to release. This phase tests control and the working relationship of dog and handler. Dogs are tremendously empowered and it can be extremely difficult for them to remain biddable to their handlers.