Welcome to the Prodogz Dog Training 2-Day Police K-9 Training Seminar.

Dear Handlers, Trainers & Decoys,

Welcome to the Prodogz Dog Training 2-Day Police K-9 Training Seminar. This exclusive event, spanning two days, is designed to introduce a modern and scientifically-driven approach to police dog training. Our primary objective is to assist officers in enhancing their overall program efficiency through the application of relationship-building skills, effective communication, techniques utilized in protection sports, and a comprehensive understanding of contemporary training methods.

Outlined below is an itemized list detailing the subjects that will be covered during the seminar, catering to both handlers and their canine partners. These carefully chosen topics address areas that are frequently overlooked or misunderstood. Moreover, we have allocated time to address specific challenges that individual teams may be facing but are not explicitly mentioned.

Upon the conclusion of this seminar, our intention is to equip handlers with key takeaways that can be seamlessly integrated into their day-to-day training routines. This implementation is expected to not only reduce liability but also enhance program efficiency significantly.

Due to space constraints, participation in the seminar is limited to canine handlers, their dogs, decoys, and other officers who are integral parts of their respective department's canine team.

Should you have any specific requirements or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Given the limited availability of slots, we strongly encourage all interested parties to submit their applications as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to an enriching and insightful seminar that will undoubtedly contribute to the professional growth of each participant.

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K9 Topics: Elevating Mastery

  • 1. General Obedience Refinement
    Enhance your canine companion's obedience skills through expert techniques and insights, setting the stage for a harmonious working relationship.
  • 2. Perfecting the "OUT" Command
    Master the art of timely and effective command execution, fostering precision and clarity in your canine's responses.
  • 3. Unveiling Stronger Article Indication
    Navigate the intricacies of article indication with finesse, ensuring your working dog's unparalleled efficiency in crucial tasks.
  • 4. Cultivating Robust Recalls
    Build an unbreakable recall response, enabling your dog to return to your side promptly and reliably, even in challenging scenarios.
  • 5. Reinforcing "Call Off" Commands
    Develop a rock-solid "call off" command, asserting your authority and ensuring immediate cessation of ongoing actions.
  • 6. Nurturing Grip Development
    Uncover the secrets of grip development, a cornerstone for various specialized tasks, and enhance your dog's proficiency.


Handler Topics: Forging Expertise

  • 1. Decoding Operant Conditioning
    Dive deep into the world of operant conditioning, understanding its nuances and harnessing its power to shape desired behaviors.
  • 2. Exploring Classical Conditioning
    Explore the principles of classical conditioning and leverage them to create positive associations and behaviors in your working dog.
  • 3. Building Indomitable Relationships
    Craft unbreakable bonds with your canine partner through proven relationship-building strategies, fostering trust and cooperation.
  • 4. Mastering Play Techniques
    Immerse yourself in play techniques that not only strengthen your bond but also serve as effective rewards during training.
  • 5. Elevating Secondary Obedience
    Enhance your dog's secondary obedience skills, ensuring seamless and reliable responses in various contexts.
  • 6. Unmasking E-collar Techniques
    Gain insights into effective E-collar usage, maximizing its benefits while ensuring your dog's comfort and well-being.
  • 7. Grasping Contingency Plans
    Understand the importance of contingency planning, equipping you to navigate unexpected situations with confidence and poise.
  • 8. Fostering Confidence
    Empower your working dog with unwavering confidence through proven techniques, preparing them for any challenge that may arise.

About The Instructor

Over the past six months, I have had the privilege and honor of assisting The Medford Police Department with their two patrol dogs. The positive feedback received from both the program's Sergeant in charge and the handlers themselves has inspired me to extend my services to other Police departments in Oregon and Northern California.

My main focus when working with departments is first and foremost public safety, followed by enhancing program efficiency and ensuring the long-term effectiveness of their K-9 program. Additionally, I aim to identify areas for improvement and introduce new, innovative training techniques.

Allow me to provide some background information about myself. Twenty-eight years ago, what began as a hobby evolved into a successful dog training business in Southern Oregon. Simultaneously, I became a competitor and instructor in the international dog sport of IGP (Schutzhund), encompassing Tracking, Obedience, and Apprehension. Presently, I hold the position of Training Director and President at The Rogue Valley Schutzhund Club (RVSC).

Besides my dog training business and work with the department, I have also contributed to my community by teaching a kids 4H club for the past 19 years. My training methodology is a combination of 28 years of practical experience and science-based techniques. I rely on classical conditioning as well as all four quadrants of operant conditioning. Whether working with officers, club members, clients, or my 4H students, my goal is to help handlers establish a stronger bond with their dogs through the application of scientific principles, clear communication, and engagement.

Professional Recommendations

Bethany Brown 3619 Cannon Ave Klamath Falls, OR 97603 (907)388-9876 [email protected]

Police Departments,
It gives me great pleasure to write this recommendation for Jason Lake. Jason and I have been working together for 6 months. I am very pleased with the training, professionalism, knowledge and mentorship that I have received from him in all aspects of dog handling. Jason's knowledge, professionalism and communication skills are some of the best I have encountered. Jason's character, integrity, passion, and knowledge are unmatched. As a US Army Veteran, integrity and reliability are of the utmost importance to me in my professional relationships. Jason has surpassed my expectations of both. Jason is very ambitious and career oriented. He is always working to better himself and his profession, for owners, trainers and animals alike. He does not claim to know all the answers, but he will absolutely go out of his way to find the answers that are needed. What Jason lacks physically is matched immensely by his thorough drive, commitment to excellence and top notch communication skills.

Bethany Brown

RE: Recommendation for Jason Lake

I have known Jason Lake for over 8 years and have frequently observed his performance teaching people to interact with and train dogs. Jason is very knowledgeable about all areas of dog psychology and training, and has the ability to communicate his knowledge effectively. He is excellent in identifying problems and issues with both dogs and trainers and building successful strategies to resolve any deficiencies. Jason is a good communicator; he is willing to listen and is creative in arriving at successful training strategies.
As former Jackson County Chief Parole and Probation Officer, I am confident in Jason's ability to work with law enforcement personnel and members of the community. I am pleased to recommend Jason Lake. He will be an asset to your program.

Bob Grindstaff 541-621-9211

DavidLorenz 215 Shingle Mill Loop Bonners Ferry, ID 83805 541-301-1272 November 17, 2022

Lt Rebecca Pietila Patrol Lieutenant Medford Police Department 219 S. Ivy Street Medford, OR 97501

Dear Lt Rebecca Pietila:

I am writing to you regarding Jason Lake. I was told that you are considering him as a resource for the Medford Police Department K-9 program. I first met Mr. Lake in approximately 2008 when I was looking for assistance in training my pet German Shepherd. I joined the Rogue Schutzhund Dog Club that was under Mr. Lake's leadership. Mr. Lake has always impressed me with his ability to see a problem and think creatively to form a workable solution both with people and dogs. I have had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Lake use his interpersonal communication skills to resolve conflicts between club members who had a difference of opinion. As a career police officer (at the time I was with Talent PD), I appreciated the skills and tactics he used to deescalate the situation.

As mentioned previously, Mr. Lake assisted me with training my personal dog. I was very inexperienced with dog training and to say I learned an enormous amount of information is an understatement. I was amazed at how he was able to read what the dogs were doing and produce immediate solutions to the situation. Mr. Lake was willing to spend many hours with me and my dog, uncompensated, to help me attain the goals I had set. One of these goals was to pass a Therapy Dog certification. I was assigned as a detective at the time and handled our department's investigations of crimes against kids. I thought having a certified therapy dog available for kids in Jackson County might be a great resource. I was able to accomplish this certification thanks to Mr. Lake's willingness to give of his time.

I have been able to watch over the years in utter respect and amazement at how Mr. Lake is able to overcome his physical disabilities and train many well-respected competition dogs. The Schutzhund Dog Sport is a three-phase sport involving obedience, tracking and protection work. The sport was developed originally to test a German Shepherd's ability to work. This sport is exceedingly difficult for an able-bodied person. Mr. Lake has not only competed but excelled at it! At one trial we went to, his dog was able to get high marks in Obedience and Protection. However, due to his wheelchair not being charged the night before, Mr. Lake was unable to

accompany his dog during the tracking portion. Without Mr. Lake, the dog was distracted and did not do as well as he would have if Mr. Lake had been present. This was very disappointing however Mr. Lake took it in stride.

In the time I have known Mr. Lake I have seen him volunteer many hours with 4H kids teaching them how to train dogs. He spent countless hours with me helping me train my dog and many other people as well. I know through the world of Schutzhund Sports Mr. Lake has a great reputation at least as far north as Spokane, WA. Mr. Lake has taken his talents and decided to run with them by starting his own dog training company. Mr. Lake has always been very driven to succeed and excel. It has always been a pleasure knowing him and knowing that I can trust him.

If you would like additional information about Mr. Lake, please feel free to call me and I would be happy to talk with you further.

David Lorenz

From: Derek A. Parks [mailto: Derek. [email protected]] Sent: Friday, June 16, 2023 9:31 AM To: Jason Lake Cc: Donald G. Lane; Justin D. McFetridge; Zachary W. Mailand; Rebecca L. Pietila Subject: MPD K-9 Training

Jason, I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with our K-9 team. Officer McFetridge and Officer Mailand both provided the below feedback with regards to the training you provided:

-The connection you have with the dog in play has a direct correlation with how the dog will work with you
-The foundation he helped us with in marker training will definitely help our effectiveness with the dogs in high stress incidents.
-Relationship with the dog. Getting the dog more engaged with me.
- Object/target acquisition.
- Obedience and command reinforcement.
-Behavior issues.

I will reach out to you with future training needs.

Thank you,
Derek Parks | Patrol Sergeant
City of Medford, Oregon | Police Department
219 S Ivy Street, Medford, OR 97501
Ph: 541-774-2223 | F: 541-618-1735