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Basic Obedience Classes in Wimer, OR

Dog training near me or puppy training near me is something that brings customers to Prodogz. We are conveniently located in Southern Oregon  where we offer both puppy training classes and private dog training. We are currently not offering dog boarding but would be more than willing to make recommendations to those who do offer dog boarding. We are often asked who is the best dog training near me or who is the best dog behavioral trainer near me? Although we are proud of the success we’ve had, we will never claim to be the best and if we don’t have the answers you’re searching for will gladly assist you in finding someone who does.

Basic Obedience Class is great for dogs of any age who are ready to work on basic commands. Class is full of natural distractions, so even if you have a few of these cues already, it is a great environment to work in to increase difficulty. This class is also a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog!

Training begins with an orientation, giving you a basic understanding of dogs think and how to create a healthy relationship with your pet-dog through engagement. Engagement should be the basis of any training program that utilizes positive reinforcement. Once a handler understands the importance of engagement and how to obtain it, we move into the basic behaviors like Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Leave-It, Look, Controlled Walking and much more.

Our desire by the end of this class is to have your dog listening obediently and enthusiastically to your every command. We want to help strengthen the bond between you and your dog for many years of happiness to come with your companion.

Positive Methods: You will find the Bark Busters method to be very simple, kind, and humane. Dogs don’t communicate with each other with shock or prong collars, or even treats. Therefore, training that depends on these methods will rarely work. In fact, Bark Busters is often called in when other techniques fail.

Results: You will be amazed at the results you will see our first lesson and the change in your relationship as you begin to form a better bond with your dog. Most issues are resolved in one or two lessons. You will be delighted to find your chaotic and stressful household becoming calmer and more harmonious.

Any Breed: No matter the breed.

    Commands You Will Learn

  • Engagement -  (Relationship building skills)
  • Understanding Markers -  (All about clear positive communication)
  • Sit -  (Teaching proper Sitting)
  • Down -  (Teaching proper Downing)
  • Recall -  (Teaching proper Recall)
  • No Jumping -   (Teaching your dog not to jump)
  • Eye Contact -   (Teaching your dog to look at you)
  • Leave-it -  (Teaching your dog to leave things alone)
  • Take-it -   (Teaching your dog to take things)
  • No Pull -   (Teaching your dog not to pull)
  • Loose Leash Walking - (Teaching your dog walk on leash)
  • Heeling -   (Teaching your dog how to Heel properly)
  • Finish - (Teaching your dog to get into the heel position)
  • How To Fade Out Food -  (Understanding how and when to stop using food for training)

Cost: $185.00
Prerequisites: For Dogs & puppies 14 weeks and up.
Duration:  Mon 30th, Fri 3rd, Mon 13th & Fri 17th.
Location: Evans Valley Education & Community Center
8205 E Evans Creek Rd, Rogue River, OR 97537
Aggressive Dogs: If you have a dog that is reactive (aggressive),
is extremely nervous or not comfortable in group settings.
We would recommend a private session before attempting a group class.

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