This agreement is made by and between Prodogz LLC of Medford, OR  and You (Owner).

WHEREAS the Owner has requested that the Prodogz LLC transport the Owner’s Pet, from a starting location to a final destination defined in the online transaction summary;

WHEREAS the Prodogz LLC is that transportation of vehicles and not the transportation of pets; and

WHEREAS the Owner acknowledges that being fully and completely informed of this fact and does wish Prodogz LLC to transport the Owner’s Pet specified above;

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the fee to be paid for the service provided and the mutual promises herein contained, Prodogz LLC and the Owner agree as follows:

1. The Prodogz LLC will transport the Owner’s Pet as above requested.

2. The Owner will pay Prodogz LLC for this service before or at time of pickup of Owner’s Pet.

3. The Owner warrants and represents that the pet is healthy and in good physical condition. Upon request of Prodogz LLC, the Owner will produce a veterinarian’s form for Prodogz LLC to use, if the pet becomes ill/sick prior to pick up of the pet. The Owner is responsible for any and all pet fees incurred by their veterinarian, groomers, doggy daycare centers etc.

4. Prodogz LLC will make every effort to care for the pet while being transported. However, Prodogz LLC assumes no responsibility whatsoever for injuries, sickness, death or other disability which may occur to the pet while being transported. Owner, in consideration of the agreement of Prodogz LLC to transport the pet, hereby irrevocably and completely releases Prodogz LLC and its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, contractors, agents, attorneys and drivers from any all liability, claims, suits, demands, and judgments of any and every kind resulting from or in any way connected with the transportation of the pet and any harm, injury, sickness or death which may befall the pet while being transported by Prodogz LLC.

5. The Owner warrants and represents that the pet is neither dangerous nor aggressive. The Owner shall be completely financially responsible for any damage to property, to humans, or to other animals caused by the pet while being transported and shall promptly pay all damages on demand. The Owner shall indemnify and hold harmless Prodogz LLC and its agents from any claim or loss resulting from such damage. In the event a pet becomes aggressive in the course of transportation, Prodogz LLC reserves the right to place the pet in a crate/kennel/ containment at the Owner’s expense.

6. The agreement is the entire agreement between Prodogz LLC and the Owner concerning the transportation of the pet, all oral agreements are merged herein, and any amendments hereto must be in writing and signed with the same formalities as herein.

7. This agreement shall be interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Oregon and any dispute concerning it shall be resolved in the courts of the State of Oregon.