Understanding and Addressing Dog Aggression - Prodogz

Aggression is a prevalent concern prompting pet owners to seek professional assistance. Defining aggression involves various factors, such as guarding territory, protecting family members, resource guarding, fear, frustration, prey drive, and/or pain. It is categorized as any perceived threat to harm an individual, be it human or another animal. Identifying the root cause is crucial to effectively address the issue, considering the diverse forms aggression can take.

Reactivity is a term often confused with aggression. Reactive dogs tend to overreact to specific stimuli or situations, influenced by genetics, insufficient socialization, or a combination of both. Fear is a common driving force behind reactivity, with dogs exhibiting triggers like men with beards or hats, small children, or feeling confined on a leash.

Solution: Dealing with dog reactivity and human reactivity requires a specialized skill set. Over the past 25 years, Jason has successfully worked with numerous dogs facing reactive issues. It's a misconception that reactivity stems from a dog's dominance or a need to be the pack leader. In reality, most dogs displaying aggressive tendencies are reacting to insecurities or stress. Addressing these issues necessitates private one-on-one sessions, ensuring the safety of both the dog and handler while controlling the training environment.

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