Prodogz: Effective Dog Training Techniques

Periodically, I bring my dog to a local pet store chain to work on obedience under distraction. Recently, a shopper approached me with a question on how to stop her dog from barking. She mentioned using a soda can filled with rocks, as suggested by the store's trainer. While not a new concept, it raises concerns about its effectiveness.

In dog training, thinking from a dog's point of view is crucial. For example, yelling at a barking dog without understanding the context can be confusing. A more effective approach is teaching them to bark on command, providing a foundation for teaching them not to bark when asked.

To teach your dog to bark, use separation anxiety and timing. Secure your dog on a leash, move away, and reward any sound. Gradually introduce the "speak" command, associating the action with a command. Over time, you can drop separation anxiety and use the command alone.

Now, to teach them to stop barking, use the same method. Start with the "speak" command, reward when they bark, then introduce the "hush" command. Be patient, rewarding only when they stop barking on command. This process helps them understand the commands and when to apply them.

Remember, dog training is about taking baby steps. Once mastered at home, practice in different locations gradually. Don't expect too much initially, and introduce stimuli slowly based on your dog's success level.

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