The electric collar is one of the most misunderstood pieces of dog training equipment it ranks right up there with the Prong Collars. I compare using any type of equipment to a feather, if I take a feather and a brush across your skin does it hurt? Of course the answer is no, however if I take that feather and I poke you in the eye then it becomes adversive however in the end it is still a feather it’s all how it was used.

There are many myths about the electric collar, a couple of the most common ones are. Electric collars burn dogs skin, electric dog collars are only for punishment, electric dog collars are only for large breed dogs, electric dog collars are only used for out-of-control dogs and last but not least electric dog collars are inhumane. These common myths are the furthest thing from the truth. What the electric dog collar is, is a communication tool, a tool that if used correctly allows the dog and handler to have more freedom and flexibility in their training. The electric dog collar in its simplest form is just a very long leash, a leash that can stretch a couple hundred yards depending on the model.

Without proper training the E collar can actually be a hindrance in your training. Here is an example, If I asked you what the square root of 25 and you had no idea what the answer was, if I then poked you with a stick or even yelled at you, you still would not know the answer for the simple fact that I did not teach you the correct answer. What happens typically with inexperienced owners is they never properly taught the dog the correct behavior to begin with and then using the electric collar only confuse the animal more and does not help the dog understand the solution.

Our Electric Dog Collar Class is a three week private session series that will help you identify what equipment is best for you and your dog, help you start conditioning the collar and then assist you in starting to layer the collar on behaviors such as Come, Leave-It and Heel.

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Cost: $200
Availability: Mondays or Fridays
Age: 6 Months & Up

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Why Prodogz E-collar Services?

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Is The E-Collar Right For My Dog?

A well-trained dog is truly man's best friend. Teaching your dog to behave appropriately in all scenarios is what having a well trained dog is about. Some of the top reasons to consider using an e-collar include: Improved Communication with Your Dog
A Faster Way to Train Commands
Teaching Your Dog Not to Bark
A Less Stressful Way of Dog Training
Discouraging Your Dog from Jumping