At least a couple times a week a potential client calls me wanting to teach their dog how to heel. However the majority of dog owners actually don’t want their dog necessarily to heel but to merely not pull them on walks. In my opinion there is a big difference in loose leash walking and heeling.

I define the two different behaviors as passive or active. When I want to take my dog for a leisurely walk through downtown or maybe on a nature hike I don’t expect the dog to be constantly looking at me or even sit each time I come to a stop. However, if I’m taking my dog through a store or farmers market where I need the dog to be more attentive and maintain a certain position on my side that I would ask the dog to heel.

Teaching a dog to heel properly starts at the relationship and connection that the owner has with their dog and this comes through engagement, clear communication and clear expectations. Heeling is also a very time-consuming exercise that requires some understanding in the mechanics of reward placement and body consciousness from the dog and the handler.

If you are looking to teach your dog a proper heel then you have come to the right place. In our four-week basic obedience class we worked on both loose leash walking and heeling if we have time we also work on the “finish”. The finish is a behavior that teaches the dog to get in the heel position. If you are only looking to teach your dog how to heel and you do not need to focus on other behaviors such as Sit, Down and Come than a private session would be more appropriate.

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