Need assist with picking up Pet foods, Pet items from local Pet stores, and deliver right to your door?

Prodogzis here to help.

  • On your instruction's, We will shop for your Pet food and/or items from your favorite local pet stores or Vets clinics in Medford, Ashland, Central Point, Talent, Phoenix and All of the Rogue Valley., and we will deliver your order to your home.
  • Leave the errands for us while you attend to important matter and enjoy your time.

In need of other shopping needs besides pet food, we can assist, just tell us what to shop for.

How does Prodogz Shopping & Home Delivery works:

Easy steps;

  • You tell us the name of the pet food (or Item) you want to buy, the Pet store (If it matters) and choose the price for the pet food ( assumption is that you already know the price or confirm from your local pet store) such pet stores include: Pet Value, Pet Smart, Walmart, etc)
  • You send us the money through checkout process to go buy the Items for you.
  • Then schedule the delivery dates ( our fulfillments is typically 1 day or 2 days from order confirmation)
  • We will confirm your request and send you status updates. We will shop for your order and deliver to you based on the scheduled delivery service date.
  • We only charge for shopping service fee. We don't collect any fees from Pet stores.

Please Note:

  • We are not an on-demand delivery service (we fulfill shopping order only on our scheduled errand days, usually next day or later in the day of your booking- timings can change )
  • We don't offer delivery of meals from restaurant's, or frozen foods from grocery stores.
  • We are independent local pickup and delivery services covering Medford, Ashland, Central Point, Talent, Phoenix and All of the Rogue Valley.. we are not affiliated with any retail store.
  • If you need pet food urgently, please use a different shopping means as we wont be able to fulfill your order on the fly.

Services great for:

  • Dog Food Delivery
  • Cat Food Delivery
  • Small Animal Food Delivery
  • Dog RX Delivery
  • Cat RX Delivery
  • Other Pet Products Delivery

Advantages to Pet Food Delivery

  • Time Savings.
  • Works around your busy schedule.
  • Great for those who have difficulty getting around.
  • How does it work?

    Step 1. Click on the application button and submit your application.

    Step 2. We will then contact you and take your payment over the phone for both your items and our small fee.

    Start You're Application