Pug Dog Training Southern, Oregon and Medford, Oregon

When you get your Pug puppy, all the feel-good feelings are probably all you could focus on at first. But once you both get into the swing of things, it’s time for training to start. After all, you want your Pug to have good manners—and you won’t want to clean up pee puddles forever. Training your Pug is unique since they’re unlike any other breed. Let’s learn just what works for Pugs to make this process as painless for you both as possible.

Don’t let their small size fool you, Pugs need as much training as any dog. With our puppy classes or basic obedience classes, you and your dog can learn almost anything they will need to know to navigate the world around them. With Pugs that are under six months of age, are puppy preschool class is perfect. This three week class is designed for you and your Pug to get a jump-start on training. Our puppy preschool class covers biting, jumping, crate training and confidence building games. Our puppy preschool class also gives your Pug puppy an opportunity to socialize with other puppies under six months of age.

Is your Pug over six months? If this is the case, then your pug will qualify for our four-week basic obedience class. In this class we cover behaviors such as sit, down, come in a plethora of other behaviors. Besides the basics, you will learn how to create a better relationship with your pug through engagement and play.

Is there something particular you need assistance with? In these cases, a private session would be best. A private session is a one-hour session with you your pug and the trainer. In a one-hour session we can focus on everything from resource guarding, pulling, reactivity and any specialized behaviors that you need to teach your Pug.

So if you own a Pugs or Pugs mix then call Prodogz today to schedule your private one-on-one session or to sign up for one of our basic obedience classes. Call Jason at 541-608-2857 Email: [email protected].