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Our training programs are based on clear communication and positive reinforcement. We believe training dogs is not about being the "Leader Of The Pack" but instead working with your dog with science-based methodology. We base training on "Engagement" instead of fear-based techniques. So if you are looking for dog obedience classes or dog obedience school near you that teaches positive reinforcement techniques, Prodogz should be your first choice.

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Dog training in Medford, OR and Southern Oregon. Dog Training Classes, Puppy Training Classes provided by Prodogz 5 star rated dog training company. Jason Lake is a dog trainer and canine behavior consultant in Medford & The Rogue Valley with 25+ years of experience working with dogs and their owners. Jason specializes in: Dog Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Rescue & Shelter Dog Training, Puppy Training, Dog Obedience Training, and Difficult Dogs that many professionals tend to shy away from. He has written countless articles on training dogs and has been featured on television and radio.

Jason believes in using positive reinforcement and clear communication when working with clients and their dogs. Although there are many ways to train your dog, Jason believes that the first step in any dog training program should be reinforcing that training is not based on force or compulsion, but engagement and play.

A Well-Trained Dog is a Happy Dog. Dog obedience and puppy training do much more than make you and your dog or puppy good at walking down the block together. Dog obedience training establishes a working connection between you and your dog. And most importantly, dog obedience training makes it fun for you to include your puppy in everyday life. At Prodogz Training in Medford, Oregon, we believe a well-trained dog is a happy dog. We truly hope that you come by to see our Dog Training in action.

  • Dog Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Rescue & Shelter
  • Dog Training,Puppy Training


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We Provide Quality Services

Basic Obedience Dog Training

Basic Dog Obedience Class resolves around positive reinforcement approach that is highly conducive to rapid learning and retention

Puppy Training Classes

If you recently added a new puppy to your family, you're in the right place! Puppy Kindergarten is the perfect place to start for puppies.

Private Obedience Dog Training

Prodogz Private One-On-One training is designed to target particular needs you the handler might be experiencing with your canine partner.

Competition Obedience Dog Training

Competitive obedience is based on high engagement, precision and dedication that goes beyond basic obedience.

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We Service the Entire Medford & Jackson County Area.

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Dog Training Near Me?

Prodogz Offers puppy training classes, dog training classes, dog obedience training, private training and service dog training in the Rogue Valley.

Puppy Training Near Me?

New puppy? We can help! We offer a wide range of training options tailored to puppies including Puppy Class, Socialization, Nutrition Ideas, Developmental Feedback, and proper puppy training classes in Medford, OR and all of the Rogue Valley

Dog Training Class Prices

Dog training should be affordable for everyone, Prodogz offers competitive dog training prices on our puppy training classes, basic obedience classes and private sessions

Affordable dog training near me

is something that dog owners are searching for on a daily basis. This is why we offer dog training prices to Rogue Valley residents. Some of our clients find us when they’re looking for dog obedience boarding school at reasonable prices. Although Prodogz does not offer boarding schools we do offer competitive dog training prices.

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Our Dog Training Packages


  • By Jason Lake

Basic Obedience Class

4 Week Class Lessons including: Recall, Sit, Place, Heeling, Down, Extended Sit, Extended Down, Stop Unwanted Behavior

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  • By Jason Lake

Puppy Preschool Class

3 Week Puppy Preschool This class will teach you and your pooch proper crate training, not jumping on people not not biting.

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  • By Jason Lake

Private One-on-One Training

Private one-on-one instruction covers anything you are struggling with. Aggression, Resource Guarding, Pulling and more.

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What Clients Say?

We got so much out of one hour zoom puppy training session with Jason! Every single moment was filled with exactly the useful pieces of information that we needed to work train our puppy. Jason was very astute to each subtle movement of myself and the puppy and made micro corrections as we went that instantly made our training more effective. We will definitely be in touch again to continue.

Elishia Tucker

Jason is an absolutely fantastic person and trainer. My partner and I brought in our Hound and explained our (then current) behavioral issues to Jason. He immediately put together a SIMPLE and (very) effective plan of attack. Copper was engaged the entire time, and seemed to enjoy his training. We were very lucky to say that after only ONE session (+ continual @ home training) and a new collar, Copper is a MUCH happier pup, and we are far less stressed. Thank you SO much Jason.

Isabel Gibson

Jason has the heart of a teacher and a passion for helping people understand how to communicate with their dogs in a healthy way. His expertise is second to none and we are so very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him. It is impressive how easy he makes it to understand and how well the process works.

Danielle Clair
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